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The Monetary History of El Salvador

The Bitcoin dress that I wore at Miss Universe represents the monetary history of El Salvador. We emerged from a land of stories, cultivating cacao as our best trade. Then came colonization and with it, the Colón. Globalization transformed us and brought the dollar into our economy.

Now, we dive into the era of technology, and that's how Bitcoin came into our lives. Proudly, we can say that El Salvador was the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.

Ordinals Collection

The adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador is a historic moment, and my collection of 29 photos featuring the Bitcoin dress that I wore at the Miss Universe 2022 are a beautiful tribute to this important event.

Inscribing them on the Bitcoin blockchain is a further step in highlighting the significance of Bitcoin for my country and the need to preserve our culture for future generations.

High-Res inscription photos

My 29 ordinal inscriptions are part of a unique photoshoot featuring the Bitcoin dress that I wore at Miss Universe

Bitcoin Foundation

We will establish a Bitcoin Foundation with the purpose of promoting Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador through hosting international events and conducting educational campaigns. The 29 collectors will be recognized as "Founders Members," playing a crucial role in shaping the future of the foundation.

Auction Prizes

The top three bidders will have the option to choose among three great prizes: the necklace I wore at Miss Universe, two tickets to Miss Universe El Salvador, and a two-night stay at a hotel in El Zonte

Trust minimized Dutch Auction

The sale of my ordinals will be conducted through a Dutch auction powered by Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions (PSBTs) in order to minimize the trust needed between participants.

Initial price and more details coming soon.

All inscription holders will have access to private events, community video calls and more experiences to celebrate Bitcoin. More details coming soon.

From Beauty Queen to Bitcoin Advocate

Miss El Salvador Calls for Women’s Empowerment Through Blockchain Knowledge

"Alejandra Guajardo, the ballet dancer who won El Salvador’s most recent national beauty pageant, has actively promoted Bitcoin (BTC) to achieve financial freedom.

Miss Guajardo encourages men to openly share their financial knowledge about the world’s largest digital asset and blockchain technology with women, encouraging everyone to work together towards financial freedom and empowerment."

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Tadas Klimasevskis
Crypto Reporter at Daily Coin

Miss Universe El Salvador 2022 Champion Promotes Bitcoin Adoption and Empowerment

"Her passion for Bitcoin and its potential for financial freedom and empowerment is inspiring. Her advocacy for Bitcoin adoption through social media, public appearances, and fashion choices has made her a leading voice in promoting this innovative technology.

On International Women's Day, March 8, 2023, she launched her 30-piece Ordinal collection, which celebrates El Salvador's historic Bitcoin adoption."

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Crypto Daily Digest
Binance Feed

From Beauty Queen to Bitcoin Advocate: Miss Universe El Salvador 2022 Launches Ordinals Collection

"She expressed her honor in launching her 30-piece Ordinal collection on International Women’s Day and urged women to strive for greater equality and economic empowerment in the technology industry."

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Siamak Masnavi
News reporter at CryptoGlobe

Miss Universe contestant represents El Salvador with Bitcoin-inspired costume

"Guajardo shows herself walking gracefully with a giant colón — one of the country’s accepted currencies until 2001 — strapped to her back adorned with cocoa beans.

In her right hand, the pageant contestant carries a staff topped with a large physical Bitcoin."

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Turner Wright
Writer at CoinTelegraph